Gaggia 90951One of the popular espresso machines is the Gaggia 90951 that offers various features. It uses digital touch screen to show the menu options and icons.

That is why adjustments and programming can be sophisticated and simple. It also boasts high technology features such as the E.Plus beverage strength system, front panel that is made of stainless steel and temperature control.

It also ensures easy steaming and brewing because the boiler is steel lined. Likewise, it is very easy and convenient to steam and froth milk because the Gaggia Milk Island is connected to the steam system.

Unlike any other espresso machine, this unit has electronic cup life, bypass doser, active cup warmer, ceramic burr grinder, water filtration system and many others.

By simply touching the menu options, you can adjust the quantity of the coffee, adjust the water hardness, carry out descaling and rinsing cycles and adjust the pre-infusion.

Indeed, this espresso machine displays luxury and high end design that makes it stands out among other brands and models of coffee maker. This means that by using this machine you can brew your espresso instantly in just a touch of button. With its innovative programming function it is necessary to familiarize all the functions.

The advantage of Gaggia 90951 espresso machine is that it can be programmed even for 1 week use. It is because it has date and time settings that is why you can make the schedule according to your preference. Aside from the date and time setting, it also features temperature settings such as low, medium and high.

Moreover, there are other features that may amaze you such as the display setting on how you will read the menu. Cleaning is very convenient because all you have to do is set the maintenance settings to the specified cleaning cycle.

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When it comes to the specifications and features, the exterior of Gaggia 90951 stands out among others because it is designed to satisfy the expectations of consumers. Likewise, the exclusive touch screen feature allows the user to choose the desired function by programming the menu.

Gaggia 90951 Platinum Vision Automatic Espresso Machine

In the same manner, the espresso machine automatically adjusts the drip tray height in order to accommodate various cup sizes. The espresso plus system of this machine regulates the intensity of the coffee from mild to intense blend depending to the preference of the user.

In addition, the revolving frother can produce hot water or steam beverage easily. It is mounted in a ball joint in such a way that it can accommodate any size of pitcher and at the same time easy to maneuver.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy espresso machine then you should consider the Gaggia 90951. This innovative coffee maker will not only serve you fresh and aromatic espresso and hot beverages but gives you the chance to enjoy its luxury.

Obviously, the price of this machine is quite expensive but with all the innovative features available you can ensure that it is worth your hard earned money. Indeed, this espresso machine is a worthwhile investment.

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