DW700 series heat insulation leveling system

Doors and Windows system

DW700 series heat insulation leveling system is an economical three - chamber high insulation products, border width of 63mm. Equipped with 25.3mm thermal insulation cold bridge, the frame and fan cavity body are filled with insulation materials, fully control the three ways of heat transfer. The Angle connection adopts glue injection process to ensure the mechanical stability and tightness of the frame. The system USES the isobaric principle to realize the function of drainage. Frame, fan lap using three sealing structure, sealing part all use epdm, glue Angle of the glue Angle structure. The glass edge is designed with long tail rubber strip, completely realizing heat insulation. The system has perfect detail structure and perfect shape. The system adopts European standard C slot to design hardware with strong adaptability. The system can realize a variety of opening methods, is a cost-effective, highly effective thermal insulation energy-saving doors and Windows system.