• 2004

    Our products are aluminum alloy profiles and products
    The company was admitted as a member of liaoning foreign trade enterprise association

  • 2005

    Company products "liao rui" brand aluminum alloy building profile was identified as yingkou city famous trademarks

  • 2006

    Products are recognized as national inspection exemption products
    Company product "liao rui" brand aluminum alloy building profile is identified as China's well-known brand
    The company has established a strategic partnership with shenyang yuanda curtain wall co., LTD., and become the main profile supplier of yuanda curtain wall company in the north. Meanwhile, the company also maintains long-term cooperation with famous domestic enterprises such as Harbin senying window industry co., LTD., shenyang lidong curtain wall decoration co., LTD., shenyang fengfeng aluminum engineering co., LTD., Beijing dongfang taiyang decoration engineering co., LTD.

  • 2007

    The company was identified as a famous brand enterprise in liaoning province
    The company's product "liao rui" brand aluminum alloy building profile is recognized as a famous trademark of liaoning province

  • 2008

    The company has established a strategic partnership with baoding yingli group, a giant of China's photovoltaic industry. The company's aluminum alloy bezles of solar panels are exported to 17 countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America and southeast Asia.
    The company's r & d center was established with the name of Beijing huarui changtai aluminum products co., LTD
    The name of the raw material company is huo Lin guo le chang tai aluminum co., LTD.

  • 2009

    The company has been accepted as a member of quality inspection committee of liaoning quality and technical supervision association

  • 2012

    Yingkou city government named as "abide by the contract, credit" unit.
    The company officially cooperated with Harbin huaqiang aluminum-plastic aluminum co., LTD to produce "ha huaqiang" brand aluminum-plastic aluminum composite insulation profile, doors and Windows.