DeLonghi ESAM6600 Coffee Maker ReviewsDelonghi ESAM6600 Espresso Machine just like ESAM6700 is very competitive with all its features and specifications.

This machine is also called as the Gran Dama Espresso machine that is patented with thermoblock technology that ensures quality performance.

The conical burr-grinder provides consistent aromatic coffee and the grinder can be adjusted to cater any types of beans. You can expect fresh coffee or espresso because the beans are grinded prior of brewing.

The maximum pressure of produced by the brew group is about 15 BARs sufficient to give excellent distribution of heat. The manufacturer of this machine ensures to provide convenience through the digital and programmable menu settings.

The machine features milk container that can hold about 25-ounce milk with two detachable lids. One lid is for steamed milk used for making latte and the other lid is for frothed milk used in preparing cappuccino.

All you have to do is place the cup under the nozzle of your desired cappuccino or latte and press the button. Likewise, the quantity of the steamed milk or frothed milk can be adjusted in order to suffice individual tastes.

The good thing is that the milk container can be detached from the machine if you want to place it inside the refrigerator.

Other features of this coffee maker include water level indicator, removable reservoir, bean container and instant reheat function. In addition, you can also take advantage with the automatic cleaning function, removable drip tray, cup warmer and decalcification auto-programs.

Delonghi ESAM6600 Espresso Machine is powered by 1 350 watt motor and with dimensions of 16 ½” height, 11 3/10” width and 15” depth. This machine is very portable and easy to carry because it only weighs 25 lbs. The exterior of the machine including the housing, drip tray and drip tray grid are all made of stainless steel.

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Before using the machine make sure to check first the grind setting in order to ensure that it is properly set to your preference. As a general rule, before using any machine it is necessary to read first the manual. This is also applicable to Delonghi ESAM6600.

If it is your first time to use coffee maker you should pay attention reading and understanding the manual so that you will become familiarize with the steps as well as the functions.

Furthermore, this machine also works just like manual machine. Its being super-automatic pays off only because of the convenience after preparing the cappuccino or the latte. It is because during the preparation you need to do it manually.

Despite of the fact that it is super-automatic it is important to read reviews about the machine before deciding to purchase it. In this way you will determine if it is the model of coffee maker that you want to have.

There are other models of Delonghi coffee maker available such as ESAM 6700 and you should make comparison of each and every unit just like selecting a Rancilio Espresso Machine.

Nevertheless, if you think that Delonghi ESAM6600 Espresso Machine is the best unit for you then search for retailer who can give you the best price ever. As much as possible you should look for retailer that offers money back guarantee and return policy.

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