DeLonghi ESAM5500MThe Delonghi ESAM5500M is a digital and super automatic machine that has plenty of things to offer. It has five different options for coffee strength as well as three options for cup sizes.

If you are a coffee lover then you should invest in this machine and enjoy the freshest coffee ever.

Likewise, you can enjoy the taste of high-quality Java in just a fraction of work.

Just like any other models of Delonghi, this unit is also capable of preparing cappuccino, lattes, coffee, espresso and many more.

It shares common features just like other models such as removable water reservoir, height adjustable coffee spouts and stainless steel boilers.

All parts of this machine can be washed using dishwasher that is why it is time-saving cleaning the unit.

Since the machine is programmable you can adjust the settings according to your preference in terms of water hardness, coffee temperature, start time and specific shut-off.

Even if it is your first time using this coffee maker you will not find difficulty operating it. The good thing about Delonghi ESAM5500M is that it is designed to answer the needs of different coffee drinkers.

That is why it is one of the most versatile models available in the market. You need not worry about complicated menus and confusing settings because everything about this unit is intuitive and straightforward for most users.

Here are the specific features and specifications of Delonghi ESAM5500M.

  • Five options for coffee strength
  • Three options for cup size
  • Height-adjustable spouts
  • Single-touch cappuccino system
  • Digital menu
  • Instant reheat function
  • Removable water reservoir

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Majority of customers adore this machine because of its excellent features. Likewise, this machine is committed to provide efficiency and convenience for those people who are craving for espresso. If you will use this coffee maker you have all the opportunity to make the coffee taste and strength that you desire.

Delonghi ESAM5500M Coffee Maker

On the other hand, if you are picky about the taste and strength of coffee, using this machine is the best choice to go. In addition, customers also love another feature of this machine that is the instant reheat function. That is why you can easily reheat the coffee anytime you want to drink it after preparing it.

Moreover, customer’s reviews cited that the build quality of this machine is quite impressive in terms of the looks and finish. It is lightweight but definitely the body is built with quality. Likewise, when it comes to the coffee quality you can expect making coffee, lattes and cappuccino that is comparable to the quality of Starbucks.

Therefore, to answer your coffee craving you should invest your hard-earned money in buying Delonghi ESAM5500M. However, you should ensure buying from reliable retailer that offers return policy.

Likewise, you should also pay attention on the warranty of the machine.If you are purchasing online make sure that everything is intact as soon as you receive the unit. Otherwise, you must return it or else waste your money.

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