DeLonghi ESAM3500 NIf you are looking for an automatic espresso machine then, the Delonghi ESAM3500.N is the best choice. It is because this machine offers aromatic and fresh coffee or espresso that is brewed from ground beans.

The coffee beans is grinded by the conical burr-grinder prior of brewing it in order to obtain freshest coffee or espresso. The beans are consistently grinded by the professional quality grinder and it can also grind any type of beans.

The good thing about this coffee maker is that it is designed with thermoblock technology in such a way that it ensures superb heat distribution.

Likewise, the digital control of the unit allows easy adjustment of the water hardness, temperature, start time and auto shut-off.

You can also select from the settings for the coffee strength such as mild, extra mild, regular, extra strong and strong.

There are also three buttons for the selection of cup size that include small, medium and large cup. In the same manner, if you want to make latte or cappuccino you can get steamed milk as the machine contains 25-oz milk.

The single touch system for the milk container is adjustable depending on the amount of steamed milk or frothed milk that you desire. It cleans automatically with just a single push of button.

The container of the coffee maker is detachable that is why you can keep it inside the refrigerator in case the coffee or latte is not consumed. The parts of the unit can be cleaned using dishwasher.

In addition, you need not wait longer time between steam and espresso because the unit has double boiler. The ideal temperature for brewing is maintained because the machine has instant reheat function. This machine also features decalcification system, hot water spout and height adjustable coffee spouts.

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The unit is available in smoked silver color with menu settings that is digitally programmable. Delonghi ESAM3500.N automatically shut-off after three hours to ensure safety. This means that even if you left it on you have nothing to worry because it will automatically turns off after the specified time.

DeLonghi ESAM3500.N Espresso and Coffee Machine

The dimension of Delonghi ESAM3500.N is 15” in height, 11” wide and 14” depth. The weight of the machine is 35 lbs. ideal to bring along because it is lightweight. Likewise, the housing material of the machine is made of polycarbonate and the drip tray is made of plastic material.

The double boiler has two heating elements and the boiler is made of stainless steel aluminum. The control panel display include water level sensor, bean level sensor and the digital display is LCD screen.

If you are interested to have this coffee maker machine you can browse over the internet in order to obtain necessary information about the machine. Likewise, you can also read reviews of Delonghi ESAM3500.N so that you will know the pros and cons of the using the unit.

There are websites online selling this coffee maker machine and you should ensure buying from reliable store. You should search from several websites in order to obtain the best deal of this unit.

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