Gaggia Accademia Espresso MachineGaggia Accademia Espresso Machine Reviews (1003380) is a super automatic unit that oozes with responsive performance and charming good looks.

The front panel of the unit is made of stainless steel with durable metal frame as well as bright display. Thus, this machine embodies well-refined aesthetic design.

Just like any other model of espresso machine, this unit also features programmable and one-touch push button controls used for milk, hot water and espresso outputs.

When using this machine you can expect dispensing perfect beverages. There are seven buttons that you can choose from that include caffe, espresso, cappuccino, caffe lungo, latte macchiato, latte and hot water. Read more…

Gaggia 90901The Gaggia 90901 is one model of espresso machine that is a dual model that has the ability to make two cups of beverage simultaneously. The machine comes with cup warming plate that ensures the warm temperature of the espresso.

The design of this machine incorporates various built-in features. That is why it more convenient to use as compared to other espresso machine in the market.

Some of the built-in features include cup warmer, bean grinder, steam wand, hot water dispenser and Milk Island.

Having additional feature of hot water dispenser adds value in your kitchen. It is because you can use the machine for cooking tasks or by simply making tea.

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Gaggia 12500Start your day with a creamy and foamy home-made cup of coffee. With Gaggia 12500, you will surely have a blast day. This is fantastic news for coffee lovers. You can have you own coffee anytime you want.

Have this incredible machine at your home. The taste of true goodness will be your everyday habit. Prepare and enjoy every sip of delightful coffee in your own kitchen! What you just need is to have this coffee machine.

Make the best espresso, and have it according to your taste. Appreciate the morning like you never did before. Sipping is made more delightful with this coffee maker.

Gaggia 12500 is your perfect company whether for your own use or for your business.

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Gaggia 90951One of the popular espresso machines is the Gaggia 90951 that offers various features. It uses digital touch screen to show the menu options and icons.

That is why adjustments and programming can be sophisticated and simple. It also boasts high technology features such as the E.Plus beverage strength system, front panel that is made of stainless steel and temperature control.

It also ensures easy steaming and brewing because the boiler is steel lined. Likewise, it is very easy and convenient to steam and froth milk because the Gaggia Milk Island is connected to the steam system.

Unlike any other espresso machine, this unit has electronic cup life, bypass doser, active cup warmer, ceramic burr grinder, water filtration system and many others.

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