Breville 800ESXLBreville 800ESXL is considered as one of the best coffee maker according to a lot of coffee maker reviews. This product is excellent especially if you are in the search for a coffee maker that will produce a taste and consistency of Starbucks coffee.

Since the start of the company, they have continuously produced a wide array of remarkable coffee maker machine that every coffee lover will appreciate.

This machine is housed on a heavy duty stainless steel. This good-looking coffee maker features 15 bar pump and ThermoBlock heating system that is ideal for extraction.

Earlier to extraction, the remarkable triple prime pump involuntarily produces 3 burst of scorching water in filter head, which can lead for the espresso pod or ground coffee to increase.

This enhances pressure that allows this machine to get more crema. This can surely provide an incredible taste and texture. The 800ESXL’s selector dial is the best because it allows you to switch between steam, espresso and hot water.

Breville 800ESXL is mounted on swivel ball, which make it easy to move. The stainless steel steam wand has the ability to produce endless dry steam for froth and barista-style milk. The wand can also dispense hot water for hot beverages like tea.

Included are pod filters, double and single. Every solid stainless steel filter included on this product is an impressive dual-wall crema technology.  This coffee maker is also known to accommodate travel mugs and large cups, which make it best not only for espresso but for café latte, cappuccino and Americano. This allows you to enjoy coffee more than the usual.

Another remarkable thing about Breville 800ESXL is the 75 ounce detachable illuminated water tank that can produce 50 single shot of espresso prior to refilling. Other beneficial features of this product are the 72 square inch warming tray, hidden accessory compartment, patented power assist cord and cord storage.

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Included in the accessories are frothing pitcher, cleaning tool, measuring spoon and tamping tool. This coffee maker has a measurement of 12 x 10 by 12-1/2 inches. When you purchase this it carries 1 year warranty.

Breville 800ESXL Espresso Machine

This coffee maker is extremely beautiful machine. Functionality is one of its amazing qualities that each and every espresso lover will appreciate. When it comes to the color and style, 800ESXL is undeniably one of the best coffee makers in town. According to coffee maker reviews, the beauty of this machine is very ideal for every kitchen countertop.

When you have Breville 800ESXL you can assure that every member of the family or friends who love coffee or espresso will surely love the taste that this machine can produce. Don’t be surprised if they will ask if you ordered their espresso from a nearby coffee shop.

This brand is very incredible, because aside from the basic features, it also has amazing accessories for you to use. This coffee maker is a state-of-the-art machine that allows you to enjoy every drop of your beloved coffee. That is why almost all of the customer review about this product is generally positive and good.

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